Top Ten Brand of Floor Heating Pipe
AAA Credited Enterprise
Excellent Technology company
Famous Brand ln Circum-Bohai Sea Region
Vice President Unit of China Plastics
lnnovation Tech Enterprise
Certificate of Enterprise Technogy Center
Certificate of Enterprise Credit Grade
Famous Brand ln Circum-Bohai Sea Region
Hl-tech Enterprise Qualification
Recommended Products by China
Tianjin First Prize for Technological
Chairman Unit of Shandong Chamber of
Certificate of Innovation
Certificate of Trustworthy Enterprise
Hl-tech Enterprise Qualification
The Most lnfluential Enterprises in Building
Tianjin Patent Pilot Unit
Top Ten Brand of Geothermal Pipes
Certificate of Tech lnnovation Enterprise
Group Leader of Floor Heating Pipeline
Member of China Urban Gas Association
Tianjin Famous Trademark
Top 10 Enterprises of Plastic Industry(plastic